How to Unveiling a Maverick Option Buying Strategy for Short-Coverage Movements

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Are you fascinated by the world of options trading but find the complexities overwhelming? Fear not! Today, we delve into a dynamic and effective option buying strategy tailored for short-coverage movements, designed to empower option buyers in the last 30 minutes of trading.

Understanding the Maverick Option Buying Strategy:

1. The Strategy Essence :

  • The Maverick Option Buying Strategy capitalizes on short-coverage movements, focusing specifically on the final 30 minutes of trading.
  • Targeted towards option buyers, this strategy aims to leverage swift market shifts for profitable opportunities.

2. Gamma: The Secret Weapon:

Options trading has its own special vocabulary, and understanding a key term called “gamma” is crucial for this strategy. Gamma measures how quickly an option’s value changes (delta) when the underlying stock price moves. Put simply, it tells us how sensitive an option is to price fluctuations. In a fast-moving market like the one we target, understanding gamma helps us gauge the potential risks and rewards of our option positions.

3. Short Coverage Trade:

  • Short coverage, also known as short covering or short squeeze, occurs when traders who have shorted a security rush to buy it back to cover their positions, often due to adverse price movements.
  • In our strategy context, short coverage movements represent a rapid uptick in the price of an underlying asset, triggering a scramble among short sellers to close their positions, thus amplifying the upward momentum.

4. Performance Metrics:

The Maverick Option Buying Strategy boasts an impressive track record, with a remarkable 108% ROI (Return on Investment) achieved within just 354 days.

Day-wise accuracy stands at an impressive 74%, highlighting the consistency and reliability of the strategy in identifying profitable opportunities.

5. Putting it into Action:

Ready to explore this strategy in the real market? We’ve made it simple with our user-friendly platform, EzWebapp. Here’s how to get started :

Sign up at EzWebapp.

Once logged in, navigate to the reports section. You should find the “Maverick Option Buying Strategy” readily available.

Once logged in, navigate to the reports section. You should find the “Maverick Option Buying Strategy” readily available.

With a single click on the “Save and Deploy” button, you can activate the strategy and begin your options trading adventure.


Navigating the intricate world of options trading doesn’t have to be daunting. With the Maverick Option Buying Strategy, tailored for short-coverage movements, you can embrace the thrill of trading with confidence and precision. Harnessing the power of gamma, leveraging short coverage trades, and backed by stellar performance metrics, this strategy offers a pathway to consistent profits in the dynamic options market. So, why wait? Dive in, deploy the strategy, and let the profits roll in!!

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